Cleanse Your Heating System with a Power Flush in Bristol

Over time, central heating systems become clogged with sludge and other waste materials, which causes them to be far less efficient. The most effective way to cleanse the system is with a power flush. At J K Morgan Plumbing & Heating, in Bristol, we specialise in central heating flushing, using the latest equipment to achieve a thorough and powerful clean.

When a Power Flush Is Needed

There are many signs that your central heating system requires a power flush, and spotting them early can help to prevent the system from wearing down. A power flush is needed when you have:

  • Radiators That Leak Discoloured Water When You Bleed Them
  • Radiators That Still Have Cold Spots after You Bleed Them
  • Radiators That Are Slow to Heat up, or Don’t Reach a High Temperature
  • A Noisy Boiler or Central Heating Pump

It is also recommended that you power flush your system before you have a new boiler fitted in order to make sure that all debris is removed from the system.

Assessing the Work at Hand

Whether a customer requires assistance with their plumbing, boiler, or central heating, we will always complete a consultation at their home. This allows us to evaluate the job and inform the customer exactly what is involved. For power flushes, we will detail the benefits to the customer’s home and then provide a free quotation.

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